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Community Name Change Contest

Hey guys, 

what do you think about a name change for the community? I'm thinking yes, unless you don't mind or prefer   janne_no_kayu.

Anywho, I'm prepared to offer up, as reward for the name chosen, a Paid Membership for 6 months. OR, if you already have a paid account, then the 100 userpic option for a year.

So, start suggesting! Just remember to double check and make sure the journal name isn't already in use.

Contest ends August 20, 2008!

Suggest names here and on the 20th we'll have a poll and decide what name to change this community to.

If you need ideas, go to ka-yu's website on the profile page, or song titles or a lyric that you think would be cool.

We'll have more contests after that so don't worry if you don't get the prize this time around. Have fun!


Hey guys!

Since the other community that focused on ka-yu's work on his solid_beat project seems to have been deleted and I don't know when it might be reinstated, if ever, let's get this community going!

In the next few days, I'll be working on the layout, and if you have any suggestions, than lay them on me!


Been a while...

Well, it has certainly been a while since I last checked this community. Nice to know there are still members hanging around.

Anyhow, I want to change the layout. So, I would like to find some good pictures of Ka-yu. If you have any to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've fallen very behind on stuff as far as Ka-yu is concerned. I need to catch up!

But I never seem to remember when I'm online. . . I'm a horrible fan. . .

Anyway, I want you guys to share the tale on how ka-yu became your favorite of the Janners.  And if you're fave member isn't ka-yu but you still like him enough to be a member of this community, then share your story on how your obsession with Janne da Arc began.

As for me, it all began on a coldish day in November of 2004 when kikuko_kamimura invited me over to watch some Malice Mizer, hide, Janne da Arc, etc, because I didn't have a clue and wanted some help with finding out more about Japan's offerings of musicians, etc.  We ended up watching Janne's "Fate or Fortune" concert.  I remember looking at all the members and having my gaze drawn to the man in leather with piercings playing the bass.  And that was that.  There has been moments when Yasu looks hot enough to sway me, but I always ALWAYS have loved ka-yu.  I'm a girl who appreciates tattoos and piercings, oh yes indeed.

Anyway, share your stories, and let's get this community a little less quiet!

Yours in mutual ka-yu devotion,


Hey guys, sorry there aren't many posts here. . .


Anyway, if you haven't already, check out heavens_place for news regarding the boys and DVDs.  Also there's news on ka-yu and his new bass. . . So, go, check it out.

In other news, what should we do with this community?  Ideas would be greatly welcome!

DEATH! ! !

My name is Hannah and I've been a fan of Janne da Arc for almost three years now. My first two songs were 'Rasen' and 'Black Jack' [from Arcadia, I believe? Tell me if I'm wrong]. So yeah. They're my favorite band, and ... I think that just about covers it. ^^ Oh yeah, and Kayu x Yasu is my OTP.

Just thought I'd introduce myself with a great picture of Kayu and Shuji. This is during the filming of Sylvia.

Welcome! ! !

I obviously don't have enough to do because I decided that ka-yu needed some love.  ^_^

Anywho, post away, be courteous to others and have fun.  Above all, worship the man who plays bass for the Japanese rock band Janne Da Arc.

Your owner/moderator,